MRAZEK is family owned business since 1994. Who is involved in a production ? Family members and my best friends. We are specialists in manufacturing custom made and unique products. We are one of the first manufacturer of aluminum bicycle frames and we are involved in designing prototyping and manufacturing of electric vehicles since 2000. REVX is our newest product that is following our philosophy in building the best quality product possible. Lifetime warranty is standard warranty from the beginning of our company and applies to all the parts we are manufacturing. We are standing behind our quality


REVX Is one of the kind product where no shortcuts were taken to create the best performing super lightweight  motorcycle with an excellent performance and handling capabilities. It's specifically designed to fulfill every need of his user and provide everyday enjoyment and satisfaction. It's unique geometry, electric motor arrangement, selection off electronics, batteries and other important components are insuring that the rider will experience almost zero time learning curve and immediately feel like one with the motorcycle. Because all of that  REVXis suitable not only for hardcore riders, but it's also great tool for young people to practice and get needed experience in riding motorcycle before they move into full-size motorbikes.


The price is set at the same level as the highest quality electric mountain bikes at  6000 USD.  The technology involved in REVX is years ahead of anything available on the market in this category at this moment.  REVX is made in our own factory with help of our friends who are constantly helping with new improvements. Electronics, motors and hardwares are all  made in the house. Our testing team is full of pro riders that we listen very carefully and using their ideas to improve  REVX, We are specializing in small production runs and because of that we can offer customization of any part we make including size of the frame steering angle or position of the foot pegs. Don't be afraid to ask, I am sure we can help you with everything you need. We  are treating all of our customers as a family members and we would be proud if you become one of us. We are offering product and services that you will not regret and you will immediately fell in love with your REVX





Carefully chosen and adjusted components 


 Very high quality lithium ion battery pack with integrated BMS system and main controller electronics


El motor is placed in the center of gravity of the REVX


Superlight front wheel 


Super light and strong rear wheel with very low unsprung weight