Let's talk about power and performance for little bit.
Of course the data and numbers are important, but what do they mean in reality. Let's talk about the real life experience and what do we want from our motorcycle. Number one is comfort and ease of control the natural feel of the bike like it's part of you, that is what's important. This is what we accomplished with REVX, something that feels natural. No matter what you been riding before, when you get on REVX you will immediately feel that everything is where its supposed to be. That was the most complicated process in designing REVX. REVX has the largest battery possible with few stops for refreshment or just to get your strength back you can be riding for more than 3 hours through the mountains and at that point you will have probably more than 20 km off-road riding in your hands and legs. The battery won't be empty but you will. Well you got the point. Don't get disappointed that you cannot do cross country riding, REVX is not made for that, but it is capable to get you tired enough that you won't be able to ride anymore after 10 minutes, that's the truth. Can you ride steep hills with REVX ? Yes you can if you can handle it yourself. Can REVX go fast ? Yes it can fast enough to get scared. Can REVX go on motocross track ? Yes and it will be fun. Can my 12 year old son ride it ? Yes he can and he can learn a lot of things about motorbike riding. Can my lovely wife ride it ? Yes she can and she won't be scared. Can you take your father out for riding with you ? Yes you can and you will have great memories. But you need two REVX. This is what performance means to us.