Is the new REVX a new trend setting breed of electric motorcycle?

Let's look at the facts, besides being just an electric motorcycle REVX is offering some unique features that other motorcycles are not. It's light weight alone puts REVX in two different category and allows the bike to be used in many ways. It is easy to transport and stored. Are you living in big city with limited storage place? Well keep it at your home or apartment, It is totally clean no oil leaks or fumes of any kind. It's size allows REVX to be transported with ease inside your average family wagon or minivan. Do you want to go and have fun or exercise after long day at work? REVX is always ready for you on your command. Are you afraid of a regular motorcycle because it's size or power or weight? On REVX you will feel more comfortable and experience the feel of riding. The REVX geometry, precision handling and power management makes the learning curve very short and in just few minutes you will do things that you thought impossible on different motorbikes. If you have ever wanted to be part of sport events like a motocross race and be support to your team or just a visitor with REVX you can do that too. Do you think that vacations at the Sea resort or in the mountains cannot be any more exciting, take your REVX with you and you will see. Or just go see and explore the place where you live; grab your camera and go to take photographs of sunrises early in the morning from the top of that hill and let your friendly neighbours sleep while you're riding by their home. That's what the REVX is. It is your friendly electric motorcycle and it's up to your imagination how you are going to use it. This is why we created REVX. We created it just for you.